The Wandering Table

a restaurant review

We stopped in for a meal and we got an event; just not then. Let me explain. Having experienced all of the eating venues in Kendall Yards with the exception of the Wandering Table, we decided one evening to check out their fare. Turns out, that wasn't going to happen that night because we didn't have a reservation. We ended up finding satisfaction at Varaci Pizza and indulged in some Brain Freeze treats afterwards. We did conclude that with a little planning ahead, we could get a reservation and experience the Wandering Table.

Finally, we made the reservation and on the evening of our 25th anniversary, we ate at the wandering table. Ok, aside from it being our anniversary, what made this an event and not just a meal? The meal made it an event. The Wandering Table has an ever changing menu of "Modern American Food" made with seasonal, local ingredients. Enough of that, we didn't order off the menu.

They have an alternative way of ordering called "you choose the price of your meal". You choose a price point from $25 to 65 per person, in 10 dollar increments. We chose $55 and we left full. Here is the cool part: We had 7 courses with a total of 9 different dishes. Some of those dishes were examples of their most popular menu items; sort of "must haves". Some of the dishes they brought us were not on the menu. They were chef's creations. Don't worry, I took some notes.


To start out, we both ordered a Noir; a featured beer from one of their four rotating taps. Noir is a pressed coffee stout made by Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene Oregon. It appears to be brewed about half a mile from the Willamette River, I just wondered if that had anything to do with the name of the beer. Don't know, but this beer is one of those rich creamy stouts with all kinds of coffee roasted malt and chocolate things going on. Felt kind of like I got my dessert first.

Course 1

Our salad was a baby kale salad with bacon, pecans, granny smith apples, poppy seed dressing topped with shaved white cheddar cheese. As you can imagine, there were a lot of diverse flavors going on with this salad but they went together well. With the salad came a couple of their maple bacon deviled eggs. Some of the best deviled eggs I have ever tasted and I haven't been known to pass up too many deviled eggs.

Course 2

Our next course featured a couple of petite duck filets on dollops of curry sweet potatoes. Interesting, but not in a bad way. I enjoyed them as a sample but wouldn't order them as an entire entree. This course also came with poached albacore and chorizo. The albacore was seared, the chorizo was cooked very crispy and crumbled like spicy bacon bits and then garnished with some greens.

Course 3

Next we got popcorn cauliflower. They batter and fry up cauliflower nice and crispy and coat it with a Louisiana style hot sauce. Then it is topped with crumbled up blue cheese and garnished with a carrot slaw. This is one of their regular menu appetizers and I would order it again.

Course 4

Next up; pumpkin pasta with fried prosciutto. They make their own spaghetti size pumpkin pasta and mix in candied pumpkin seeds. This was topped with melted parmesan cheese and prosciutto. I could have eaten a whole plate of this and it would have made a nice hardy meal.

Course 5

Pork sliders with a sweet and tangy BBQ are one of their menu favorites, and that's what showed up next. This is gourmet bar food at its finest.

Course 6

Probably the highlight of the meal was the spaghetti stuffed meatballs. We're talking inside-out spaghetti and meatballs. A large Italian meatball stuffed with the pasta inside and covered a sweet red pepper marinara sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. This is another menu item and I would definitely order it again.

Course 7

For dessert we got Cinnamon roll bread pudding with cinnamon cream cheese ice cream and salted caramel topping. It sounds good and it was good. They make everything fresh including the ice cream. My next drink came in time for me to enjoy with my dessert. Also a new experience for my pallet, it was 18 year old Hakushu. I had pretty high expectations because I am well acquainted with Hakushu's cousins; Hibiki and Yamazaki. I am happy to report Hakushu did not disappoint.

We left there too full to stop by Brain Freeze which is right next door. I always get the salted caramel ice cream but I have them sprinkle powdered malt on top of it.

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