Shadle Neighborhood

Shadle water tower

From most any vantage point around the city or even when flying into Spokane International from the east it is always easy to spot the large green and yellow striped water tower. Painted in the colors of the Shadle Park High Highlander colors, this iconic water tower is in the center of the Shadle Neighborhood.

Shadle is the Spokane neighborhood north of the and Neighborhoods and south of the Five Mile area. It is bordered by A Street to the west and Maple Street to the east. It extends as far as Garland Ave to the south and Rowan Ave to the north.

Most of the homes in the Shadle Neighborhood are bungalows that were built from the early 40s to the mid-50s. The lots are not huge and most of the homes are less than 2,000 square feet. If you are looking for a well maintained home with a lot of mid-century charm, Shadle is a great place to begin your search. If it is a larger two story home on a large lot that you are after, that may be more of a challenge in Shadle.

The Shadle Neighborhood is served by Shadle Park High School and Glover Middle School, both of which adjoin Shadle Park in the center of the neighborhood. Nearby Ridgeview Elementary, Browne Elementary, Willard Elementary, Finch Elementary and Salk Middle School also serve Shadle. Additionally, St Charles School Is a private K-8 option in the Shadle Neighborhood.

Shadle Park High School just went through a major three year expansion and renovation that was completed in 2010. The original school built in 1957 was the first Modernist designed school in Spokane and was referred to as the "Glass Palace". The renovation and 55,000 square feet expansion stayed true to the original design.

Shadle Library

The Shadle Park Pool was removed as part of the high school expansion and replaced with the new Shadle Aquatic Center on the other side of the park. The new facility serve the communities with an in-water play structure, a large double water slide and other smaller water features. There are several large colorful umbrellas for shade from the hot summer sun. The Shadle Aquatic Center was awarded the Mayor's Choice Award for Urban Design in 2009.

The Shadle branch of the Spokane Public Library is also located in Shadle Park next to the aquatic center. It is one of seven branches of the Spokane Public Library system.

Shadle Center has a large Wal-Mart, Safeway, Rite Aid and several other restaurants and services. The Shadle Neighborhood is also very centrally located on the north side of Spokane making it very close to all kinds of shopping dining and other services.

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