Lost Boys' Garage Bar and Grill

A while back I was looking up reviews on a pub that I was interested in, can't even remember which one but I stumbled upon the Lost Boys' Garage Bar and Grill. I was intrigued so it went on my radar. I have now been to the Lost Boys' twice and I have formed some opinions.

Both times I was there, the outside seating was closed and we sat in the main dining area. Next time I go I would like to experience the outside seating if the weather is nice. If it isn't, I think I will try sitting at the bar. The meal I will reference will be the one that I experienced my last visit which was just last week.

The Place

Between the main dining area and the bar there is seating for 55 people inside and when the weather permits they can accommodate an additional 25 outside. My wife and I were told to seat ourselves and we selected one of the pub height tables in the middle of the main dining area. We sat on the same side of the table so we could share the same view; specifically the tap board. The table and chairs were very light weight and lacked a sturdy feeling. It was a challenge to get on and off the pub height chairs without moving the table.

The theme is kind of a service station meets 50s diner with a lot of red, white and black. A lot of the fixtures and decorations are made from repurposed service station items. It is quite clever but can give the impression of a tight budget. There are several televisions in the dining area; the largest one looked to be dated, as it had low resolution and a slow refresh rate.

I have read reviews that mentioned noise as a problem but I didn't think the noise level was all that bad. There was a review that mentioned that the layout was somewhat chopped up and the dining area was separated from the bar which gives you the feeling of being left out of the action when sitting in the dining area. On this point I would agree.

The Service

The waitress was prompt with the menus and came back quickly to take our beer order. She leaned more towards efficient than friendly. They had a nice selection of 16 beers, most of them local craft beers. I was looking for a River City beer on the board but they didn't have one at that time. I had a Deschutes Obsidian Stout on nitro for my first beer; I have enjoyed Obsidian on nitro before and like to take advantage of it when given the opportunity.

The waitress got a little delayed in taking our food order as she was dealing with some wine critics at another table. It was a table of six and all three ladies were fussing about their wine. Understand, I can be a little fussy about wine too but I don’t order wine at a pub. I also don’t order a beer at a winery or a hamburger at a taco shop. Anyway, the six top ordered two Chardonnays, a Merlot, two Bud Lights and a Black Butte. Ok, one out of six, that's not bad.

The Menu

In keeping with the automotive theme, the menu is divided into full-size, mid-size, compacts and even hybrids. They have an extensive menu including burgers, melts, clubs, Wraps, and other sandwiched. There is a selection of local and regional craft beers to choose from as well as liquor, craft cocktails and oh yes, wine.

When our waitress came to take our order she was knowledgeable of the menu having eaten most of the food on it. My wife ordered a Bacon Smoked Gouda Melt, keeping with the same theme I had a Bacon Smoked Gouda Burger. I saw that one of their melts had an egg on it so I asked if I could get an egg on my burger. She said that they couldn't do that. I told her that it wasn't a big deal but if they could, it would be nice.

The Food

My Bacon Smoked Gouda Burger came with a one third pound patty, thick sliced bacon, smoked Gouda, Havarti and bacon aioli all on a fresh bun, And an egg. The smoke flavor of the Gouda was a little mild for my taste but overall I was very happy with my burger and my wife seemed pleased with her selection too. Next time I look forward to trying the highly acclaimed Monte Cristo sandwich.

The garlic fries I had were also done well. They were made with unpeeled russet potatoes and were tossed in garlic, basil, Parmesan cheese, Romano cheese and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. I ordered them with some chipotle aioli for dipping. The waitress brought both the chipotle aioli that I ordered and some bacon aioli which was nice because the chipotle was on fire.

When our beer glasses were empty and our meals were not quite finished, our waitress took our second beer order. I wanted something a little lighter for my second go round so I ordered a Spin Cycle Red from NoLi. On a side note; the name Spin Cycle always gave me a mental picture of a stationary bike with a heavy flywheel. When I was at NoLi once I saw a server wearing a T-shirt saying Spin Cycle Red that showed three washing machines hanging in place of the gondola cabins of the Riverfront Park gondola that NoLi uses as their iconic trade mark.

The Story

Lost Boys' Garage Bar and Grill opened at 6325 N Wall St in July of 2015 but the story started some 30years earlier when Jhon Goodwin & Kevin Pereira were sophomores at Ferris High School and became best friends. Over the years their group of guy friends has grown. They also grew up and had to leave Neverland but the group of lost boys always stayed close and set aside time to play. The Lost Boys' Garage Bar and Grill a tribute to their group of friends and all friendships that stand the test of time.

Kevin Pereira comes from parents who were bar and restaurant owners. His role is to run the day to day business as well as the accounting. When you look at Lost Boys' Garage Bar and Grill reviews on Trip Advisor or Yelp you will find that Kevin has taken the time to respond to nearly every one. They also have a Facebook page that is kept up to date and all the reviews on it have also been responded to.

Jhon Goodwin has many local years of bar tending experience and has established many contacts over the years. Jhon has taken on the task of marketing the business. In addition to their own website at lostboysgarage.com, the Lost Boys have a pretty strong presence on the web. You also may see Jhon at the restaurant going from table to table talking with customers.

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