Five Mile Prairie

Five Mile Prairie is a community of Spokane that got its name because it is located about 5 miles north of downtown. Half of Five Mile Prairie is within Spokane city limits. The other half is county. There is some park and wildlife preserve areas but most of Five Mile Prairie is zoned residential. There is no commercial or retail in the Five Mile Prairie.

The Five Mile Prairie sits on a plateau surrounded by bluffs which gives the homes along the edge spectacular views. These tend to be larger, more expensive homes. The interior of prairie has newer developments of upscale tracks with larger semi-custom homes. There is still quite a bit of potential for more growth in the area.

The Five Mile Prairie is located within the Mead School District. Prairie View Elementary School is the grade school serving the area.

Five Mile Prairie School

The historic Five Mile Prairie School is also located here which was established in 1901 as a one room schoolhouse. The current building built in 1939, is the third building. It was closed in 1970 and then reopened in 2006 as an educational resource for homeschooled students and their parents.

Across the street from Five Mile Prairie School is the Five Mile Grange, a local community hub. The grange building was an apple packing plant in the 1880s. The Five Mile Prairie is a community full of history.

The first Europeans settlers began to arrive in 1879. The area was perfect for agriculture and became known as the "agricultural gem of Spokane" because there was no need for irrigation. The early settlers planted fruit trees, vegetables, berries, wheat, oats and barley.

Long before the Settlers, the prairie was occupied by the Siwash Tribe. They had been there for almost a thousand years. Pictographs that tell stories of tribal life can still be found along the base of the lava cliffs.

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