Fall in Spokane Washington

Fall for Spokane during the autumn season

Exploring Spokane during this chilly time can be very enjoyable and affordable. Even though summer time activities have officially come to an end, Spokane still has a lot to offer in order to keep you entertained.

Experiencing fall colors is a no brainer for this city.

Taking a trip to Manito Park specifically can get you in the spirit. Manito is a very welcoming and comfortable environment during the fall. With crisp jewel toned trees, and glorious historical houses edging the park, Manito holds a total of 5 gardens throughout. It's a unique time to view koi ponds, at the Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden, like never before.

Manito Park Spokane Washington in the fall

Riverfront Park, located in downtown Spokane, hosts the most epic display of fall colors. You can surely take in a deep breath of fall while strolling through this park. Each tree is a different color and it's truly one of the best times of the year to visit the park. Gaze at a rushing waterfall while surrounded by countless leaves falling near you here.

In order to really commit to fall activities, heading over to Green Bluff is a staple.

Multiple family farms are involved for their fall loving visitors. Farms can contribute live music (with a view), excellent pumpkin picking, corn mazes for the kids and of course wine tastings for the adults. Some farms on the Bluff include, the Harvest House, Walter's Fruits Ranch, High Country Orchard and many more. All the farms mentioned also have dining with the freshest of foods. Green Bluff can easily make a day from a fairly short drive outside the city, being only 15 minutes north of Spokane.

Hiking can still be a very pleasant activity for those who don't mind the crisp fall air.

Luckily Spokane provides many fall friendly hiking trails. A specific area that is impeccable for hiking and offers a rewarding destination, is located west Spokane in Indian Canyon. The hiking is great for those of all ages. Also along the trail there is a quaint waterfall. As it gets colder the waterfall will eventually freeze and is popular for ice climbing. For those who don't know ice climbing is just like regular climbing, with ropes and equipment, but instead of rock is of course over ice. This waterfall specifically can be great for beginners and experts alike.

The best place to start from is W. Greenwood RD. and S. Basalt Rd. There is a parking area to the west out Rimrock by the closed gate. If you hike below junction on the southeast side of the road you might find Indian Canyon Falls just across the road from Indian Canyon Golf Course.

If you are looking to spend the fall season, indulging into various autumn events and activities, Spokane truly does its share in offering the most out this season.

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Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden with fall colors