Comstock Neighborhood

The Comstock Neighborhood is large triangular neighborhood on the south west corner of the South Hill. Its borders are 29th to the north, 57th to the south, High Drive to the west and Perry St to the east. The neighborhood is 1.85 square miles and has a population of 7,161. The Comstock Neighborhood is the home of Comstock Park, Scenic High Drive, Manito Golf & Country Club, Hart Sport Field, Manito Shopping Center, South Hill Library, Sacajawea Middle School and Jefferson Elementary School.

Comstock is a diverse neighborhood with smaller more affordable homes as well as some larger more expensive homes. There were 152 homes sold in the Comstock neighborhood over the past year. The most expensive one sold for $1,000,000 and the least expensive sold for $125,000. The average price was $291,720 and the median price was $238,425. Regardless of whether the home is large or small, most all the homes in Comstock are well maintained and show pride of ownership.

It is common to see the people of Comstock out enjoying their neighborhood. You will see them running walking and bicycling the tree lined streets. In the winter they will be out on sleds and cross country skis. There is much to do in the Comstock Neighborhood and most is in easy walking distance. Downtown is an easy drive or bus ride away. Some even choose to commute there by bicycle but you need to be ready for a formidable hill on the way home.

For recreational activities including swimming, tennis and basketball, there is Comstock Park. The park also features sports fields, playground equipment and many picnic areas. In the summer the park also hosts Summer Symphony Concerts. Summer live music can also be found at the Rocket Bakery where you may want to take advantage of a wine tasting class. The community offers private fitness centers and a private golf and country club as well.

The Comstock Neighborhood is bordered on the west by scenic High Drive. High drive has views to the west over Latah Valley and has fantastic sunsets making it a great place walk, jog or ride your bike. There is a dedicated bike lane on High Drive and 25 miles of trails on the side of the bluff.

History of the Comstock Neighborhood

The oldest homes in the Comstock Neighborhood date back to the early 1900's. Neighborhoods depend on transportation and at that time they were built around trolley lines. In 1888 there was a line completed from downtown to 37th and Grand and another to 33rd along Division. This initial housing boom up to 37th continued through the 1920's. There are very few homes above 37th Ave built before 1940. The second housing boom started in 1940 and went into the early 1950’s.

The beautiful tree lined Manito Boulevard was developed starting in 1907 during the first Comstock housing boom. Originally Manito Boulevard terminated at what is now Hart Field. It made its wrap around what is now Jefferson Elementary School terminating at High Drive in 1947 during the second Comstock housing boom.

The 50 Acres that contain Hart Field was originally going to be developed as the Spokane Country Club. The club built a clubhouse which soon burnt down in 1908 and two years later they moved to their current location on the Little Spokane River. The Manito Golf and Country Club was founded at this same location in 1917 but they moved the short distance south to their current location five years later.

That same 50 acres was secured by the Spokane School District in 1925. It was named Hart Field and designated for the use of the schools and the community. The majority of that land is still occupied by sports fields. The west end of Hart Field was the location of Manito Elementary from 1952 to 1961. In 1960 the north portion of Hart Field became Sacajawea Junior High, (Middle School).

In 1908 Jefferson Elementary School was the first grade school in the area; originally a two-room school house at 38th and Hatch. In 1909 it moved to 37th and Grand where it experienced multiple expansions and annexes over the years. In 2013, Jefferson Elementary moved to its brand new facility located at the former location of Manito Elementary School more than 50 years before.

In 1906 there was a four year collage at 29th and Grand Blvd. Spokane College was a liberal arts school that included a law school. The building was ultimately used for two collages, the war effort and then residential apartments. In 1969 the building was demolished to make room for the Manito Shopping Centre.

Comstock Park with its state of the art tournament swimming pool was dedicated in 1938. At the time, the park was surrounded by vacant land that would be developed over the next couple of decades. Comstock Elementary School occupied the south end of Comstock Park between 1956 and 1972. Today the south tip of Comstock Park is still owned by District 81.

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