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ducks in Cannon Hill Park

The Cannon Hill Park neighborhood is the area on the South Hill surrounding Cannon Hill Park. The approximate boundaries of the neighborhood are Bernard to the east, High Drive to the west, 14th to the south and 29th to the north.

The neighborhood is mostly residential. Homes in the area will be Mid-Century Modern, Victorian and Craftsman. Most homes will have been built from 1908 to 1948. The median home price in the area is $280,000.

Wilson Elementary is the neighborhood grade school. From there childrenl go to Sacajawea Middle School and then to Lewis and Clark High School. For a private school option, Cataldo Catholic School is also in the neighborhood.

Rosauers is the neighborhood grocery store located at 14th and Lincoln. Four blocks south there is a Huckleberry's and an Ace Hardware. There is a Rocket Bakery at 14th and Adams and a Bennidito's Pizza next to the Rosauers. At 25th and Monroe across the street from Wilson Elementary you will find The Scoop which has the best ice cream in Spokane.

In the center of the Cannon Hill Park neighborhood, you will find Cannon Hill Park. Cannon Hill Park is a small 13 acre neighborhood park named after Anthony McCue Cannon; one of the original founding fathers of Spokane.

rock bridge in Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park was designed by the Olmstead Brothers. They are the same landscape architects that designed New York's Central Park. When Cannon Hill Park was originally built in about 1908 it was named Adam's Park after the grandson of John Quincy Adams who owned the land at the time.

In the 1880's the land where the park is located was a brick yard. The natural clay deposits where ideal for making bricks. Many of the bricks were used to rebuild the buildings of Downtown Spokane after the great fire of 1889. Brick and stone were used to build back downtown to ensure that a fire of that magnitude would never happen again.

After the clay supply was depleted, the brick yard moved on leaving the depressions that we see in the park today. The larger depression to the east was turned into a duck pond and the lesser depressions to the west were turned into children's wading pools. The stone bridges were built to cross the water.

Today all the water has dried up except for the large pond which the city keeps a constant supply of water flowing into. Besides ducks, the pond has turtles, small fish and frogs. There is a quarter mile long dirt path that goes all the way around the park where you will often time see runners. Cannon Hill Park is a small neighborhood park with a small playing field and a small playground. To find a much larger park with more amenities, all you need to do is go three blocks east where you will find Manito Park.

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duck pond in Cannon Hill Park