Historical Browne's Addition

home of John A. Finch in Brown's Addition

Browne's Addition, Spokane's oldest neighborhood, provides plenty of diversity by embracing its authentic 19th Century style while allowing new businesses and more to flourish.

History of Browne's Addition

Dispersed throughout the neighborhood are mansions that were once owned by only Spokane's most exclusive citizens. Now many of those great homes are used as either private residencies or showcased for events.

The Patsy Clark Mansion, located on 2208 W. Second Ave, was erected in 1898 by mining millionaire Patrick "Patsy" Clark. The Mansion is no longer used as a home but has been restored and used for special events.

According to patsyclarks.com, "This turn of the century mansion will once again host the elegant parties, lavish weddings, and celebratory festivities for which it was envisioned. The individual character and charm of the rooms lend itself to parties and gatherings of many sizes and reasons."

Another mansion known as the Finch Mansion was owned by John A. Finch. As of right now it is a private residence, but anyone is allowed to admire it's charm from the outside. The mansion is located at 2340 W. 1st Ave.

Local Food and Attractions

Centered in the heart of Browne's Addition resides Coeur d'Alene Park, which also happens to be the very first park in Spokane. This park can be considered the hub for many events held in the neighborhood. It has plenty of shade, a park for children and a fancy gazebo.

The Elk Public House is located near all the other central businesses in the neighborhood. The establishment was originally a drug store but has been restored into a popular pub eatery featuring patio dining.

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (MAC) is great entertainment for people of all ages. New exhibits will be on display by the end of September. This three level museum displays a variety of art and cultural artifacts. It also features a historic home known as the, Campbell House, another one of many mansions residing in Browne's addition.

Across from The Elk Public House is a place that gives the neighborhood a little taste of Italy, the Restaurant Italia Trattoria. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with quite the assortment of menu items. If ever in the mood to taste some squid ink or compare homemade pastas, this is the place.

Events Held Every Year

Held in Coeur d'Alene Park every summer is Art Fest. Art Fest displays a variety of art and music, which goes on for 3 days out of the year. People from all over come to show and sell their art to the locals. Art ranging from metalwork to handcrafted furniture is presented there. It's truly an event that allows art and music to be well appreciated.

Another event held every summer in Browne's Addition, between The Elk House and Italia Trattoria, would be Elkfest. This is a free, 3 day musical event and for all ages. Definitely one of the main features of the summer for Spokane. During the day Elkfest is very relaxed but by the time it gets dark the night lights up. One of the main motivations of Elkfest is to give local musicians a chance to perform and show off their talents.

For 20 years this neighborhood has hosted a Browne's Addition Summer Concert Series. During the months of July and August there is a concert held every Thursday and it's also a free event. Not only for all ages but pets are encouraged as well.

Browne's Addition is a unique neighborhood and there is no doubt that Spokane does its part in preserving its individuality and restoring its history. It's easy to notice that this neighborhood has its very own culture.

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Below: The Patsy Clark Mansion designed by Kirtland Cutter was built in 1898.